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We repeat what we don't repair.


With reality TV and social media influence, we’ve created a vision of what our relationships should look like, down to how many vacations we take.  Mix in the inevitable backstory from our own upbringing through the limited perceptive lens of a teenager. Then top it off with modern day pressures. It’s no wonder things are messy. Living in this mess isn’t a long term sentence. There is a way to ignite what you both stand for and find excitement and appreciation in that.

Couple Hugging
Couple Hugging

In couples counseling I will work with you to develop psychological flexibility, which means you will gain skills and insight that allows you to adapt to your relationship and the various situations you encounter within the partnership with openness, awareness, and focus. With this enhanced flexibility you will be positioned to take effective action towards a healthy relationship that is guided by your values.

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