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The Woman's World

Being a woman today is challenging. Women have more choices, but also more commitments and expectations than ever before.


Women are typically working hard to manage many aspects of their personal, professional and family lives, making self-care and personal wellness difficult to achieve. A woman’s physical health also experiences significant changes through the lifetime and absolutely will impact a woman’s mental health. Self doubt, worry, and other uncomfortable emotions can settle in as uninvited visitors and without intervention, will extend their stay in the form of depression and anxiety.  Depression and anxiety affect the mind as well as the body, and for that reason show themselves through emotional and physical symptoms.

At Home
Rock Maze

I apply the philosophy of flexible psychology to approach change in the mind and body. Likely you didn’t get to feeling this way over a short period of time, however I deeply understand the need for quick symptomatic relief.  My approach will provide you with takeaway tools from each session, while not losing sight of the values commitment you are making for wellness.

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